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Westminster Pharmacy Services

What we can do for your organization

We’re your best choice for pharmacy services, and we provide medications to all levels of care.

Let Westminster Pharmacy Services serve your residents. We’ll help transform the way you provide care. Westminster Pharmacy Services offers clinical expertise, innovative technology and a strong attention to customer service. Let us assist your organization in becoming more successful and delivering better care to your residents.

Automated pharmacy services

Skilled resident admissions may happen at any time of day or night, and the acuity of these new residents has been steadily increasing. Even with a pharmacy provider that can expedite new admission orders and STAT orders, often you can’t get medications fast enough. We offer an automated first-dose pharmacy solution that provides long-term care facilities with first-dose dispensing for up to 350 medications. Secure and easy to use, the automated first-dose solution helps you provide the fastest, safest care to new residents. And you’re only billed for the medications you dispense, helping you save money.

Quality and accuracy

Relying on best-in-class technology, clinical excellence and stringent quality control from end to end, we deliver medications to our customers accurately and on time, promoting medication safety and outstanding care for residents while reducing medication waste. Our commitment to quality and accuracy comes with superior clinical expertise and the industry’s most powerful and precise, automated medication dispensing automation technology.

We offer options so you can choose the best dispensing system to meet your needs. We provide a multi-dose compliance package of medications, in addition to the traditional blister-card dispensing technology.

This technology verifies each unit-dose blister pack of medication multiple times throughout the dispensing cycle using 2D barcode cameras. Pills are individually sealed, labeled and then packaged in the automated dispensing system. At each step in the order preparation and delivery process, our rigorous quality control is applied:

  • Barcode scanning multiple times as orders are routed through the pharmacy and are sent out for delivery.
  • Each order personally checked and verified by professional long-term care pharmacists.

Superior service

Superior customer service is the cornerstone of our comprehensive pharmacy services and a culture of caring. We offer dedicated customer service with the best of both worlds: the high-touch approach of a local pharmacy combined with an innovative pharmacy partner.

Please contact us for more information on how we can deliver superior service to your long-term care organization to help you achieve healthier results.