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Better care through high tech

Westminster Pharmacy Services uses the latest in high-tech innovations in the pharmacy industry to provide the highest level of service possible to your residents, from automated dispensing to digital inventory tracking.

Advanced dispensing options

In addition to offering the traditional blister-card dispensing, Westminster Pharmacy Services can help your organization increase accuracy, save time and money, and decrease medication waste to help improve care for your residents. We provide a unit-dose cycle of medications, replacing the traditional bingo card method. This unit-dose medication is contained in compliance packaging with the tablets and capsules each resident needs, packaged in a secure, easy, tear-open bag labeled with complete medication information.

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With compliance packaging, nurses save an average of 30 minutes per med pass with fewer frustration, reducing overall nursing hours and improving care. Your organization can save hours on administrative work, returns and refill processing.

The high-tech automated dispensing system also increases accuracy, with medications checked multiple times and traceable to the pill level. Nurses no longer need to count or track pills, taking the variability out of administration.

We can also help your organization reduce medication waste. The compliance packaging reduces the amount of on-hand drug inventory from 30 days to 7 days, providing more flexibility as residents’ medications change, and enabling environmentally responsible business practices by reducing medication waste in long-term care.

Enhanced usability

Westminster Pharmacy Services integrates technology with your operational solutions — making sure each component of our system is reliable and easy to use.

We offer interfaces with over 40 electronic health record systems, and will assist you with each step of an eMAR/CPOE implementation.

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